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Drizzling Chocolate

I try to drizzle chocolate on as many things as I possibly can!  Here are some of my techniques:

Melting chocolate:

  • I use candy melts to decorate with.  I use a local brand from Country Kitchen but you can also use Wilton or a variety of other brands.  They come in so many fun colors- I like to use them to make my desserts match shower decorations or holiday colors–SO FUN!!!!
  • I have never used a double boiler (told you I wasn’t a professional!).  I melt in the microwave in 30 second increments, stirring in between and it works GREAT.  Small amounts should be done in 15 second increments.  Melt until completely smooth.

Preparing chocolate for drizzling:

  • Fold the edges of a sturdy ziplock bag out and over so that the bag sits upright on the counter.
  • Spoon the warm chocolate into the bag
  • Zip it shut (getting out as much excess air as you can)
  • Clip a tiny bit off one corner (the more you clip, the bigger your drizzle will be!)

  • Gently squeeze the chocolate out and over whatever you are decorating.

Creative ways to drizzle:

  • Drizzle decorations onto flat parchment paper or onto parchment paper that’s been rolled around a rolling pin.


  • Gently peel decorations off of parchment paper and use on your dessert to make it AMAZING!

  • Drizzle concentric circles (like a target!) on the top of a cake or pie and pull a knife or toothpick through those circles while they are still melted to make a spiderweb design.

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  8. Something I learned recently…just use a disposible decorating bag by Wilton and microwave your chocolate wafers right inside it. Squeeze it periodically while microwaving them. Then snip off end. Saves a mess trying to put melted chocolate bowl into bag.

    • Thank you!!!! I’ve actually started melting them right in a zip-top bag. Saves time and dirty dishes! One of my goals for this fall is re-do this tips page with better photos and more up-to-date tips. I will be sure to add this one🙂 Thanks!!!

  9. Great idea! And I can do this fancy stuff with just a baggie! So cool! Thanks for the ideas and let us all know when you put up more! I don’t have a lotta tips, but I could sure use some!🙂

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  11. Hi!! I was looking the link to “fall cookies”….I saw it on pinterest but can’t fnd the instructions! Thanks

    • Hi! I have several fall cookie and dessert recipes– the easiest way to find them from a pinterest photo is to go to my photo gallery (look up at the top of my page, or click here) Once you see the photo you are looking for, if you click on it you will be taken directly to the recipe. Good luck🙂

  12. i tried to make the little decorations and i used the candy melts. I put them in the freezer to harden but when i took them out they began to melt. What can i do?

  13. so i will try again, should i leave them out to harden? does it matter that i used wax paper? Sorry for all the questions. I am so new to this stuff.

  14. Thank You.!

  15. Loved these ideas. Also love your blog.Will keep coming back for more🙂 Cheers!

  16. I had a question, my friend asked me if she can use ziploc bags or aluminum foil instead of wax or parchment paper to drizzle the chocolate onto. She knows I’ve done this before, but I use parchment paper, so I had no idea how to answer her question. Could you maybe tell me what I could tell her? Thanks🙂

    • Sure! I have never tried drizzling onto plastic or aluminum foil, so I can’t really tell you for sure. I’d tell her to give it a try on both and see. It seems like using ziplocks would be an expensive option though! Next time I drizzle I will try both and let you know🙂

      • Thanks🙂 I’ll tell her. She’s trying to get into doing stuff like this and hasn’t quite grasped the concept of trial and error. Thanks for telling me you’ll try it. And your right, seems like ziploc bags would be an expensive option.

  17. I have a great tip for you that my Mom taught me years ago. When you are making cake squares use any kind of thread or unflavored dental floss. Measure your squares by gently imprinting the thread on top of the frosting. Wait until you get to the event and THEN use thread to go on top of the indentions, holding the thread across the cake from side to side, pull the thread tightly down to the bottom of the cake and slide out sideways. It keeps the squares from falling apart until the event and it is a very clean way to cut squares. Knives are very

    messy I hope this isn’t confusing because this is a great tip!.

  18. Hi! Just found your site through Pinterest & became a subscriber….love your site! I do have a new choc decorating tip given to me by a friend. To make fluttering Choc Butterfly shapes :- You use an open book & bake/parchment paper, which you fold the paper in half and then open out flat. Then use melted chocolate to “draw” butterfly’s shapes centred over the fold, then lift paper onto open book and fit into fold to set. Therefore, you end up with a fluttering butterfly to decorate with once set and peeled from paper! I have not had a chance yet to try this myself, but intend to as it sounds very simple and effective, don’t you think? 😎

    • Hi! I’m so glad you found our little corner of the internet! That is a WONDERFUL tip- I am excited to try that! Thank you so much for sharing your friend’s tip with us all!!! {hugs} ~r

  19. I recently baked a 2 layer cake and it had the high center. After I took the cakes out of the oven, I laid parchment paper over then and the set a plat on top of it with a glass bowl on top (for weight). After the cake cooled there was a level cake. It was so easy to decorate


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