Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecakes


These individual mini cheesecakes have cookie bottoms topped with chocolate chip cheesecake. A beautiful dessert for fancy parties- or for just surprising your friends and family with a fun treat!

I have to give much of the credit for the “cuteness factor” of these to a wonderful cheesecake pan.  I’ve been seeing a lot of mini-cheesecakes online recently  and I just love how beautiful they are- and how fun!  I finally went on a search for how these are being made and saw everything from circular molds with tin foil wrapped tightly around the bottoms to this wonderful (WONDERFUL!) mini cheesecake pan.  I got the Chicago Metallic brand and I just love it.  I want to hug whoever invented these—they are perfect.

Check it out– you have a muffin tin sized pan but each cup has a hole in the bottom.  You get a metal disk that goes inside each cup.  Make your cheesecakes and push up on the disk– out comes this fun (!!) dessert.  I *love* this idea.  (Plus they make them in Squares too- but they are a little more expensive so I’m waiting….)

I love cookies and cheesecake together- thats why I chose this combination.



My thoughts:  I think a perfect dessert is one that makes you say, “wow- that looks amazing” but then tastes just as good as it looks.  Try this one and let me know what you think dear readers.   Let’s hear it for the inventors of fun new kitchen gadgets!!!!  Yay!  Have a great weekend!

4-17-12:  I just love it when you all try a recipe I’ve posted and share it on your blogs!  Here’s an adorable blog called Two Girls Cooking that tried this recipe and posted it with wonderful step-by-step photos (cute kids and all…)  Thanks for sharing your adventures with us Patricia!!!