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Everyone has them.

The things in your kitchen you just can’t live without- you know, that one measuring cup…that spatula that always gets everything out of the bowl…the things that save you time and always get the task done perfectly…

These are mine…..enjoy!  r-

Pampered Chef Batter Bowls – large and small.

Why I like them:  They are sturdy bowls with a handle and a pour spout.  I use these bowls to dip things in chocolate.  They are deep and have a nice edge for swiping excess chocolate off. The best part is that they have a lid, so if you have left over chocolate in the bowl you can just put a lid on it and use it with your next recipe.


Wilton Angled Spatula

Why I like it:  I’ve never taken a cake-decorating class before, but a friend who decorates recommended this spatula for getting that smooth top and sides on a layer cake.  I’m getting better at it- and this spatula works wonders.  I love it for spreading almost anything I need smooth. 


Cookie Scoop – smallmediumlarge

Why I like them:  Oh how can I count the reasons… I should have put these at the top of this list.  I reach for these scoops ALL the time.  Dividing cupcake batter, filling cookie cups, putting cute little dollops of cool whip on top…not to mention making perfectly sized beautifully round cookies.  These are truly one of my favorite kitchen tools.


Pampered Chef Mini Tart Shaper (and no, I’m not a Pampered Chef consultant!)

Why I like it:  It is simply the best tool for pressing down crusts.  Perfect for graham cracker crusts and Oreo crusts.  Plus it is the perfect tool for making little cookie cups (and as you probably know, I’m a huge fan of cookie cups!)


Good Cook Touch Spatula Spreader

Why I like it:  This is THE spatula….the one I go digging in the drawer for because it is that much better than my others.  I got this as a gift last year and I love it.  I like the way it feels….the way it scrapes every last bit of batter out of the bowl….the little lip on the top that keeps the edge of my bowl clean….I just like it.  A lot.


Calphalon 9-Inch Round Springform Pan

Why I like it: Well, you need a springform pan if you want to make cheesecakes….I discovered early on that not all springform pans are created equal.  Some leak…some have sides that stick- even when you run a knife around them 1st…some are hard to pop open the latch on….I got this as a gift about two years ago and it is the one I choose above all the rest (I have 4) when I want to be sure the cheesecake comes out perfectly.

Kitchenaid 3.5 Cup Food Chopper

Why I like it:  It is adorable…for starters.  I got this from my parents for Christmas this year and I use it ALL the time.  It is perfect for chopping cookies and candies and pretzels and graham crackers and nuts….Plus it is small- not a gigantic food-processor taking up cabinet space, but a cute little chopper that is just big enough to chop crust ingredients– perfect!

Wilton Nonstick Tart Pan

Why I like it:  It lasts.  I’ve had two other tart pan sets that have rusted (eww…) The tart pans by Wilton are heavy-duty and non-stick.  My crusts don’t stick and break on the sides and I’ve had my Wilton pans for years now and they are as good as new.

Many of you have asked me where I got the measuring spoons used in my logo.     Unfortunately they are unavailable online.  I got them last summer at a midwest grocery store chain called Meijers.  They were a seasonal item.  The good news is:  they are back in stores this summer.  I just picked up a second set because mine are always in the dishwasher when I need them!

Thats it for now….I’m sure this page will grow in the coming years.  If you have a “simply can’t live without it” tool or gadget you love please feel free to share it here in the comments!  Happy baking!!!!  -r


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  1. Sur La Table sells those measuring spoons and matching measuring cups too!

  2. What muffin pan is your favorite? There are so many options to choose from online!

    • Hi Veronica– I actually have 3 muffin tins and they are all different brands– and all off-brands. I guess I don’t have a favorite muffin tin…? Kinda silly since I have favorites in every other category though- lol! Sorry! If you get one that you really like, please share about it with us!

  3. Hello Ruthanne!

    just chipping in to your post! My absolute favorite utensil in the kitchen is the WOK –
    I used it for whipping up Chinese dishes, making risottos, making Western cream of vegetable soups, and every other thing that needs to be heated over the stove!


  4. I live in michigan and was wondering, since you mentioned meijers, if you know of a store I can get the mini cheese cake pan from. I found it on line but want to make your beautiful pineapple cupcakes for a birthday party this weekend.

    • Hi! I’m originally from Michigan! Nice to meet you! I honestly don’t have any ideas for you. I’ve not seen the mini pans anywhere in town- even in our specialty kitchen shops. I’m so sorry! You could try making them in cupcake liners maybe?


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