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Cotton Candy Fizz

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Cotton Candy flavored soda in fun create-your-own colors!  Your kids will love this pretty summer treat!

Confession:  I’m on vacation.  We are headed to the beach (where there may or may not be a tropical storm….sigh.)  I needed a quick and easy treat to share with all of you this week and a friend of mine said – Oh you HAVE to share our cotton candy soda recipe!  Is this a recipe?  Mmmmm…probably not.  It’s an idea. A really, really fun idea. Check out those colors….undeniably fun.


  • Sprite
  • Cotton candy (I got a bag in the dollar section at Target)


  • Pour Sprite into a clear glass or cup (about 2/3 full)
  • Drop a piece of cotton candy into the Sprite and smile as it fizzes and turned your Sprite colors.
  • Combine colors to make your soda unique!

My thoughts:  Easy and fun.  This would be a great birthday party or pool party idea.  Enjoy!


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Ruthanne is a scientist with a passion for baking and food photography. Using her kitchen as a lab, she loves experimenting with a variety of flavors and ingredients to create unique, fun and ultimately tasty delights! Thus she created EasyBaked, a website where sugar and chocolate overflow in fun and easy recipes. Her Motto: Money can’t buy happiness -- but it can buy marshmallows, and that’s nearly the same thing!

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  1. such a cute party idea! i remember using those crazy straws as a kid 🙂

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  4. Great idea! So easy and fun! Now I only need to find these cute little glass jars!
    Could yo please let me know where you found them?
    Thank you very much Ruthanne! I just joined your site 🙂

    • Ah! You are the 1st person to ask! I LOVE these little jars and I use them in SO many pictures here. They are Weck 1/5 Liter Glass Canning Jars. I looked for them online and found them at World Market for you. Here’s a link: World Market Enjoy!


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