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Oh yeah…I have a blog!

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I’m BA-A-A-ACK! ūüôā

I spent the last 3 weeks in Europe (Slovakia and Czech Republic to be specific) teaching English through a ministry called Josiah Venture (AMAZING trip– loved every bit of it!), and visiting my dear friends Dave and Angie who live in Prague.

I didn’t forget about you -dear readers- and although I haven’t baked in WAY too long, I did enjoy a feast of new foods and tried to photograph them along the way- so enjoy!!!

Camp food:  really amazing!  This was a typical lunch- always soup- usually with cabbage, although this was a lot like egg drop soup I thought- all of the soups were GREAT!  Then rice and meat after the soup.  I loved how pretty this particular pile of rice and chicken wasРvery yummy!

Dinner was light- and often a sweet meal. ¬†This is called Bukti (spelling??) and its a sweet bread. ¬†One variety was filled with a preserve and dusted with sugar. ¬†This variety was covered in a pudding. ¬†You’ve gotta love a country that serves dessert for dinner!!! ¬†YAY!

Bukti--I've been promised a recipe for this and I'm excited to try it!

On a camp hike we found these wonderful wild blueberries

And then there’s Kofola– a cola made popular during communism as a much cheaper alternative to Coke or Pepsi- it seems as if everyone in the country is CRAZY for this beverage– it’s everywhere! ¬†I thought it was ok, but it has a bitter aftertaste- I will keep my Pepsi ūüôā ¬†Another beverage popular in both Slovakia and Czech Republic is Vinea- a fizzy non-alcoholic soft drink that tastes like a sweet wine– LOVED it!!!! ¬†Wish they made it here in America!


Too much Kofola..

Once I reached Prague there was a feast of new and fun foods– starting with a trip to Old Town Square and my first experience with Trdelnik- a yummy sugar-covered pastry that unrolls in a spiral as you pull.

Then there was the ice cream— called zmrzlina in both Slovak and Czech (it took me a week to learn how to say it!) it is a wonderful creamy ice cream (like Italian gelato) in a ton of fun flavors (my favorite was coconut!!!)

They also had lots of ice cream bars that put our bars to shame! ¬†I had a Magnum extra caramel bar at Karlstejn Castle while waiting for our tour that was the BEST ice cream bar I’ve ever had— YUM!!!

Dinner? ¬†Why Kangaroo, thank you! ¬†Dave and Angie took me to a favorite local restaurant where Dave graciously offered me a taste of the kangaroo he’d ordered. ¬†It was wonderful, but I LOVED the dish I ordered- smazeny syr– or the biggest hunk of cheese you’ve ever seen fried and served with tartar sauce– YUM!!!!!!

Smazeny Syr!!!

And my favorite food moment of this trip– a slice of Medovnik (honey cake) and coffee on a terrace overlooking Prague…

Medovnik was absolutely WONDERFUL! ¬†It had a sweet molasses-y taste with a wonderful cream filling alternated with a thicker sweet paste. ¬†I have a recipe…I have the ingredients… ¬† TIME is all I lack! ¬†I have a busy fall ahead of me and my posts will be fewer I’m afraid. ¬†I do hope that you enjoyed my little food tour of Slovakia and Czech Republic! ¬†This post made me hungry– time for dinner! ¬†:)r-

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