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Easy Oreo Pops!

Chocolate-covered Oreos on a lollipop stick– perfect for any festive occasion!



  • Carefully twist apart all of the Oreo cookies.
  • Using one of the pop sticks, make an indentation in the white filling of each cookie.
  • Melt the Candy Melts in the microwave in 30 second increments, stirring until completely melted and smooth.
  • Dip the end of one stick into the melted white chocolate, drizzle a little in the center of the white cookie filling and then gently press it into the indentation made.
  • Place the top of the cookie back on and allow white chocolate to harden (5 minutes or so), cementing the cookie back together with a stick inside.

Here’s some pictures (worth a thousand words I hear!):

That last picture is intended to make you feel better about breaking a few cookies in the process.  I believe the Oreo package contains 30 cookies and I made 23 pops….7 “failures”.  The hardest part is simply twisting the cookies apart without the top cracking.  Just be gentle 🙂

DIRECTIONS (continued):

  • Holding the stick, lower the entire Oreo into the bowl of melted white chocolate, spooning it over the top and sides to cover it completely.
  • Allow the excess chocolate to drain off and gently place covered Oreo on a piece of parchment paper to harden.  
  • Top with confetti sprinkles immediately before the chocolate hardens.
  • Eat and enjoy!!!

My thoughts: I love Oreos so much that it hurts….and I am on a diet…and there were SEVEN broken cookies.  Sigh.  I just closed my eyes and *smelled* them…who knew Oreos smelled so good??!!  These pops were wrapped up in cute bags and given as Valentines treats– they are MUCH easier to dip than cake pops, which made me happy.  I hope you have a fun occasion coming up and get and chance to try these!   -r

4-28-12:  Just made these for a couple of bridal showers and put them into “bouquets”- SO fun and really easy.  Just make the pops, tie them up in little treat bags with tags (free pdf for the “i do” ones I used : Oreo Pop Leaf Tags) and poke them into floral foam in a cute container.

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