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Candy Tea Spoons!

Candy Tea Spoons

Delicious little candy spoons make a perfect gift! Stir them into tea or cocoa to add sweet,  fun flavor!

Want a little lemon with your tea? A little peppermint or butterscotch in your cocoa? A fun gift idea? This is your recipe!

Candy spoons for cocoa

Happy Black Friday to you! Just in case you have finished with the lines and crowds and feel the need to hit something hard…

We are here for you!!!….Here you go.

Smash hard candies into bits and pieces that are melted into a cute spoon mold to make these treats! Staple them up in little cello bags with fun gift tags and you’ve let out your frustrations and created fun little gifts. Perfect and perfect. *smile*

Candy Spoon Gifts

Here’s how to do it! (printable recipe here)


  • Unwrapped hard candies in whatever flavors you want. Note: the harder candies like cinnamon disks and butterscotch disks melted into sturdier spoons than lemon drops and peppermint candies (which are more crumbly than hard). I didn’t have ANY break until I had them all bagged up and I was tossing them into a basket for transport. then I had 2 peppermint and 1 lemon snap.
  • A silicone candy spoon mold. I got mine in the Czech Republic, so I can’t link to the exact one, but these are similar.


  • Place unwrapped candy into a zip-top bag and using a mallet or hammer, smash those candies up! Make sure to do this on a safe surface that can’t be damages by hammer hits!
  • Preheat oven to 300F degrees
  • Place mold on a cookie sheet
  • Spoon candy pieces into mold and heap them up (as they melt, they settle).
  • Place in oven and watch. In my oven, it took about 8 minutes to melt completely. After about 4-5 minutes, pull them out and sprinkle extra candy into any gaps or openings that might be forming as they melt. Place them back in the oven to finish melting.

*Notes* The “softer” candy melted faster than the “harder”. Also, if you leave them in too long, the lighter candies get a little browned.

Candy Spoonstea-spoons10

  • Remove from oven and tap gently to remove bubbles- you will still have little bubbles on the outer surface of these- you can see this in my photos. Cool completely and peel out of silicone mold.


  • Place individually in small cello bags and tie them shut or print and fold these pre-designed tags over the open edge and staple them shut. 
  • Stir into hot beverage and ENJOY!!!

Candy Spoon Gifts

My thoughts: These are really fun little gifts. I personally loved the butterscotch in hot chocolate the best! The peppermint tea was pretty yummy too!!!  When I do this again, I will crush the candy up more finely- maybe use a food processor- it was a little more difficult to “pile up” those bigger pieces. They worked fine- but I feel like it would just be easier with more finely crushed candy. Hope you get a chance to try these!!!  Enjoy!  ~r

Candy spoon gifts

Man, I hate it when my ink runs out mid-print! Used them anyway! 🙂

Candy Cocoa Spoon

Candy Cocoa Spoons

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