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Black Raspberry Cream Cupcakes

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These chocolate cupcakes have a creamy black raspberry filling and are topped with the BEST buttercream frosting I’ve ever tried.  Ever.

When my recipes get pinned on Pinterest and I want to be entertained, I go and read the comments on them.  My favorite are the ones about how incredibly unhealthy my recipes are.  One person figured out how many carbs there were in my Salted Caramel Cookie Cups and was APPALLED.  (If you aren’t counting carbs I really think you’ll like them though!)  We are not dedicated to healthy dining here….not even pretending.

My other favorite comments are from the people who are horrified that I use cake mixes instead of baking things from scratch.  I love cake mixes- LOVE them (EASY baked- right?!?).  We recently had a local bakery that went on Cupcake Wars and (of course!) we had to try some of their cupcakes.  They made a chocolate blackberry cupcake that was beautiful- but dry….all I could think was– this would have been SO much better if it had been a cake mix–and then I had an idea……

A few weeks ago I made a gender reveal cupcake using Betty Crockers new “Fun da-middle” cupcake mix and I wondered if a dab of black raspberry jam in the middle would work (and not leak out).  I decided to experiment and I loved the results.

Frosting…..I also had a recent comment here from someone who “loathes” American buttercream frosting. I’ve never “loathed” ANY frosting, but I wondered about a good buttercream recipe for these cupcakes.  I called my friend Megan over at Happily Ever After Cakes since she sells cupcakes for special events and she gave me her favorite recipe.  She got it from a friend in England and had to convert the measurements.  It is the BEST frosting I have ever had- incredibly smooth and creamy.

Ready to make these?  Here we go:



    • Make cupcakes according to package.
    • Distribute white cream filling according to package
    • Place 1/3c. black raspberry jam in a zip top bag.  Clip a corner and pipe about 1 t. over cream filling in each cup.
    • Finish distributing batter over the top, according to package.
    • Bake according to package.
    • Cool completely.
    • Place both sticks of (room temp!!!) butter in a mixing bowl with the powdered sugar, and flavoring.
    • Beat on high until creamy, smooth and thick.
    • Add coloring until desired frosting shade is reached.
    • Clip the corner of a zip top bag and insert a piping tip (or use a piping bag if you want).  Fill bag with frosting and pipe over cupcakes (Megan recommended this video on You Tube for piping techniques).
    • Place a washed and DRY Blackberry on the top of each cupcake and sprinkle with edible glitter. (The glitter didn’t show up well in my pictures but it adds SO much to the finished product– I loved it!)
    • Store in a cool dry place- mine were just as good three days after I made them as they were on day one!   ENJOY!!!

My thoughts:  Every once in awhile I hit a recipe that I like more than any of the others.  This is one of those recipes.  It is easy (but looks complicated) and MOST importantly, it is soooo yummy.  I’m not kidding you about the frosting.  It is AMAZING.  Many thanks to Megan and Happily Ever After Cakes for sharing the recipe with me!!!!   Enjoy!  r-

Ok– I’m adding a note to this post because I just tried the yellow/white filling Fun-da-Middle mix with Raspberry jam, and the yellow/chocolate filling mix too.  I made them for a birthday party and just couldn’t resist adding a couple of pictures here for you– this is my new go-to cupcake recipe, I just love them!

Red Raspberry Cream Cupcake

Happy Birthday Megan!!!!!

(I love this Wilton’s cupcake display — it holds 23 cupcakes, which is perfect for 2 dozen– it leaves one cupcake without a place so you don’t feel guilty eating it up (which is exactly what I just did!)

A note on the new advertising:  I was invited to try WordPress’ new ad program- WordAds this week.  I signed up with reservations as I am more committed to getting recipes into your hands without annoying pop-ups and distracting ads (honestly, I leave sites that have too much of this).  I am trying it for a few months though (baking ingredients are expensive!).  If you are distracted by it or find anything about it offensive (we don’t get to choose the ads)- please let me know.  I’m hoping this works out well for all of us- but if it doesn’t I will opt out.  Thanks!! -r

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