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NFL Cupcakes!

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In honor of my FAVORITE team (yes, I own a cheesehead) and my friends’ favorite team (cheered for the Bengals today…sorry Colts!)  Here are some NFL inspired cupcakes.  There is nothing fancy about the cupcake or the frosting— just some fun coloring and decorating going on here.  Hope this inspires YOU to celebrate your team in sugar!!! (GO PACKERS!!!!!)


  • One box of white cake mix (with oil, water and eggs to make it according to the box)
  • 2 tubs of white frosting (or try my favorite buttercream recipe)
  • Food coloring
  • Decorations in team colors (I created toppers from Wiltons Candy Melts, or you could use team colored sprinkles)


  • Make cake mix according to box and divide batter.  Put 3/4 in one bowl and 1/4 in the other bowl.  Color with your two team colors (I use food coloring gels so they don’t change the consistency of my batter or frosting too much)
  • Spoon the larger amount into cupcake liners, filling each about half-way.
  • Spoon the smaller amount in circles on top and use a skewer or knife to swirl the colors together (FUN!!!)

  • Bake according to package directions.
  • Remove from oven and cool– they are SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

  • While they are cooling make your toppers (if you decide to try these)
  • Use Wilton Candy Melts  (for the dark blue I had to look elsewhere- we have them in local specialty shops right now because of football season- or you might need to order online….)
  • I found candy molds in the shape of horseshoes (easy) and tried to find other NFL molds–don’t exist!  So for my beloved Packers I found a triangle mold and did what any enterprising girl would do— I used my (never been used before) tire pressure gauge to make happy little dots on my “cheese” toppers.  Thanks for the gauge dad!  I’m FINALLY using it 🙂  Not sure if you can use a pressure gauge AFTER its been run through the dish washer….?

Say Cheese!!!!Colts!

  • Also, make your frosting up.  Again- just color it with food color gels to the color of your favorite team!
  • When your cupcakes are cool, frost (I piped the frosting on with a decorator tip) and top with fun decorations!
  • Enjoy!!!! (GO PACKERS!)

My thoughts:  What football fan wouldn’t love these?  Plus its a mix– soooo easy!  Get your kids to help and you have one fun and yummy treat!

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