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Oreo Flower Pops!

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Oreo Flower Pops!These cheery little Oreo Pops are sure to brighten anyone’s day, and they are SO easy to put together!

I know…another Oreo Pop!!!  I can’t stop sharing them with you– they are just so fun!  I have another one in the works for a few weeks from now too!  I’m in love with these fun little treats!

If you’ve been a fan of Easybaked for any time at all, you have seen (and maybe tried!) lots of these little bits of happiness on a stick, but if you are new here, let me share with you a pdf that will help you make the perfect Oreo Pop:  How to make an Oreo Pop.

Flower Oreo Pop

Here (once again!) is the recipe: (printable version)


  • One box of Double Stuff Oreos
  • Two bags of Wilton’s candy melts in any colors you choose
  • M&Ms (I used the pastel kind- but any will work!)
  • Mini chewy Sweet Tarts (or any other small candy for the center of the flower)
  • 24 lollipop sticks


  • Carefully twist apart all of the Oreo cookies
  • Using one of the lollipop sticks, make an indentation in the white filling of each cookie.
  • Melt the Candy Melts in the microwave in 30 second increments, stirring until completely melted and smooth.
  • Dip the end of one stick into the melted Candy Melts, drizzle a little in the center of the white cookie filling and then gently press it into the indentation made.
  • Place the top of the cookie back on and allow Candy Melts to harden (10 minutes or so), cementing the cookie back together with a stick inside.
  • Holding the stick, lower the entire Oreo into the bowl of melted Candy Melts, spooning it over the top and sides to cover it completely.
  • Allow the excess  to drain off and gently place covered Oreo on a piece of parchment paper.
  • Before the Candy Melts harden, place M&Ms and Sweet Tarts on top in a flower pattern.
  • Allow Oreo Pop to harden completely
  • Cover in a treat bag and tie with a ribbon
  • Enjoy!!

Flower Pot Oreo Pops

My thoughts: These are easy to make, beautiful to share, and yummy to eat!  Don’t they look cute in a bouquet?  Fall is almost here, celebrate the last bits of summer with these cheery little treats!  Enjoy! ~r

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Sweet Tart and Pixy Stix Cake!

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Wondering what to do with all that Halloween Candy?  Have some fun with it and make this candy-filled cake!  The cake is marbled with Pixy Stix dust and the frosting is made of crushed Sweet Tarts and Smarties.  BRING ON THE SUGAR!!!!  The finished cake is sweet and tart and SO much fun!


  • 1 boxed white cake mix (plus the eggs, water and oil needed to make it according to package)
  • 8 Pixy Stix candies
  • 3-4 cups of powdered sugar
  • 1 c. margarine
  • 1-3 T. heavy whipping cream
  • Food coloring gels
  • about 1 c. of crushed Sweet Tarts and or Smarties (I think Bottlecaps or even Spree would work in this recipe as well)



  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Spray 2  eight or nine inch round pans with cooking spray. 
  • Place a piece of parchment paper (cut to size) in the bottom of each pan and spray again.
  • Make cake mix according to package.
  • Pour about 1 c. of cake mix into each pan.  
  • Sprinkle contents of 4 Pixy Stix over cakes (dividing equally)

    Pixie Stix dust sprinkled over cake batter-- FUN!

    ***note: blue and purple will show up the best in the baked cake, red and orange are very pale***

  • Use a knife to swirl colors together
  • Add the rest of the cake mix over the top (dividing equally) and repeat the Pixy Stix sprinkling and swirling.
  • Bake cakes at 350 for 30-35 minutes (use your cake mix directions as a guide and check often)
  • Cool cakes in pan over a wire rack.
  • When cool, tip pan over onto wire rack and remove parchment paper.
  • Use a serrated knife to make each layer level.


  • Cream together the powdered sugar and margarine in a large bowl. 
  • Beat on high for about 3 minutes (I used a whisk attachment).  
  • Add cream and beat for about another minute until a thick spreading consistency.
  • Crush candies in a small food chopper or processor.
  • Add crushed candies (and all the ensuing sugar dust!) to the frosting and fold it in. 
  • Add any food coloring you want to make frosting a desired shade.  (On its own the mix of candy colors make the frosting a terrible shade of gray). Adjust consistency if needed with powdered sugar.
  • Frost the cooled cake and decorate with remaining candies.



My thoughts:  I was expecting an overpoweringly sweeeeeeeet cake.  Not so– the cake has a wonderful tangy taste and the frosting balances it perfectly with sweet fruity fluff.  Your kids are going to FLIP over this recipe– they might even let you take some of their candy to make it!  Happy Sugar High to YOU!!! -r

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